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I totally forgot about the shield. Here I was, thinking 'well, that's a bit weird! That fight and Putoko suddenly wanting to turn back just doesn't feel right! It's not very believable! I'm used to a lot better from TFS.' But then; ofcourse! That damn shield! It's making him act like that! From that moment on, it all became clear and it fitted so well within the story! It felt 'wrong' and so it should! Because it really was an unnatural, forced reaction from Rantil's friend.
Great atmosphere when they are hiding for the storm under the tree. Felt cozy!
Technique and style are, as usual, near perfect. Perhaps just one tiny remark: In the sentence; "Everything dripped with the purity..." you're using the word 'everything' twice in the same sentence. Maybe you can try somehow to get around that.
Otherwise, nice piece. Now they are going where no man has gone before in thousands of years.
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TheFS Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Of course, when you know what's going on.. everything makes sense!

Ah thanks for the comment, I'll sort out that everything pronto!
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